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Training Videos

Watch the videos below to learn how to program and use the powerful features of PageRouter!

Learn how to purge and export stored messages and set notification controls. Use the test beacon to check paging range. See how you can use the Master Log to find detailed sent and received messages.

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Send messages from any computer using a browser. Administrators can create Departments and Groups, and add or remove Users. View the message log and how to schedule messages. Program canned messages, and much more.

What is WebPager?
Learn how to benefit from this powerful Message Management tool!

How to Login Using WebPager
A quick tutorial on how to login!

Search Names
Selecting a Message Recipient
Quickly find the name of the person to whom you want to send a message.

Sending Messages
Sending Messages
This video will walk you through the easy steps to send messages.

Managing Users
Programming and Managing Users
Set up Users, Security, and Messaging Permissions.

TeraMessage Option
Programming TeraMessage Users
Program and send messages to TeraMessage users with mobiles and tablets.

Departments and Groups
Creating Departments and Groups
Use the convenient interactive drag-n-drop map!

Canned Messages
Programming Canned Messages
Avoid repetitive typing by using the convenient canned message feature!

Using Message Logs
View a detailed message logs of sent and received messages.

Scheduled Messages
Programming Scheduled Messages
Learn how to schedule messages, to be sent at a future date and time!

PageAlert and PageAlarm in PageRouter
Learn how use PageAlert to send alarm canned messages when PLC or machine contacts close or open; Program PageAlarm to filter and parse plain text alarm messages from existing alarm monitoring equipment.

PageAlert and PageAlarm
PageAlert and PageAlarm Solutions
How you can deliver wireless alarm messages within seconds!

PageAlert - Programming Contact Alarms
Deliver specific text alarms when factory machine contacts open or close.

PageAlarm - Alarms from Monitoring Equipment
Filter transmission of alarms received from industrial or medical equipment.

TeraMessage App
Learn how to use TeraMessage app for Apple and Android devices. You will be amazed how easy it is to use the TeraMessage app!

Coming Soon...

Learn how to use the power of Analytics to look at usage statistics such as number of messages sent and received
within a selected period of time.

Coming Soon...