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Q & A

Find answers to frequently asked questions about PageRouter paging and messaging systems:

Products and Services

Why should I purchase from Canamex Communications?
We specialize in providing wireless messaging solutions to deliver critical messages to mobile staff, within seconds!

You can depend on our experience in supplying critical messaging solutions to Hospitals, Factories, and to other Industries.

Because we are the manufacturers and developers of the technology that we sell, you will receive sound application advice and excellent product support.

We offer competitively priced, scalable solutions, suitable for any industry requiring management, and instant delivery of critical messages to pagers and mobile devices.
What is a Message Management Solution?
PageRouter is delivered with a unique Message Management application that gives you the power to easily organize, control, route, and analyze messaging within your organization.

  • Your own private messaging system - separate from public message traffic.
  • Secure login. Encrypted messaging. Multi-level security and permissions. .
  • Detailed master messaging logs, showing date, time, and content of messages and attachments. .
  • Generate analytical reports to evaluate employee response time, text messaging efficiency, and improve your overall message communication effectiveness.
What is it TeraMessage?
TeraMessage is an option of PageRouter Enterprise.

Authorized Users, with Apple and Android mobile devices, install the TeraMessage app to instantly exchange private and secured messages between PageRouter Users.

  • TeraMessages travel encrypted to provide absolute message security and privacy when traveling through the Internet and the cellular carrier.
  • TeraMessage mobile users instantly receive messages from computer users and other TeraMessage users.
  • Message senders automatically receive confirmation when a TeraMessage mobile user reads the message.
We are not using paging. What do I need to send messages to staff carrying smartphones?
Install PageRouter software on any Windows 7 computer connected to your network and with access to the Internet.

You can also install PageRouter software in a server computer running Windows 2008 Server, if you prefer. You can choose the PageRouter solution that is suitable for your particular needs.
Can we use in-house paging for our Nurses and TeraMessage for other medical personnel with smartphones?
Yes. You can easily integrate messaging to in-house pagers and mobile devices.

After installing PageRouter in a computer, simply connect the existing in-house paging system and program users with pagers and/or smartphones.

Of course, you can replace old paging equipment with new Canamex encoders and transmitters to increase the level of reliability.
What is WebPager?
WebPager is the Message management application, delivered with our PageRouter software.

WebPager allows authorized staff to send messages from any network computer, by using a browser.

There is no need to install client software.

PageRouter Administrators can use WebPager to create and manage Users, organize staff by Departments, and create and manage Groups.
What is TeraChat?
When used with PageRouter Pro, TeraChat allows instant text conversations between computer users.

When used with PageRouter Enterprise, and TeraMessage, computer users can establish an instant text conversation with smartphone and tablet users running the TeraMessage app.

Delivery of messages using TeraChat is instant, regardless of the location of the smartphone or tablet user. Computer and mobile users can chat independently from other users. All conversations are stored in the PageRouter master log for corporate records and regulation compliance.
Do I need professional onsite installation from Canamex?
For TeraMessage for mobile devices, there is no need to send Canamex technicians to perform software installation, since installation of PageRouter is not complicated. We will, of course, provide you with installation assistance.

When you buy a PageRouter with a paging transmitter, we will determine if you need Canamex installers to come to your location. We provide installation services in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, supported by local authorized agents and technicians. When installation services are required, we will provide service and support locally.
Where can I buy Canamex products?
Buy Canamex products directly from us.

Call us at 1-800-387-4237, or send us an email to Tell us what you are looking for. Give us your needs. We will formulate a solution for you and you will quickly receive a quotation with prices and the description of your solution.


What do I do if my Canamex hardware requires service?
Contact Canamex to obtain a R.A.N. form before sending any equipment for service.

You can obtain the R.A.N. form by calling (905) 475-5557, or by sending an email to
Can I use a QUIKPAGER 2400 to send messages to cell phones?
Some cellular providers are able to receive messages via TAP protocol (QUIKPAGER's communication protocol on a dialup connection), for distribution to cell phones via SMS. Some cellular providers cannot do this.

Contact your cellular provider(s) to find out if they have the capabilities.
Where can I find a copy of a user manual?
The user manual can be found HERE.
What number do I call for technical support?
Please feel free to contact us via email at, and we will get back to you within 48 business hours, free of charge! In your email, please provide the serial number of the product and a detailed description of the problem.

For PageRouter assistance, under our annual Product Support program, you may call us at (905)-475-5557. Be ready to provide your PageRouter Product Support Policy Number.

Did you buy directly from Canamex Communications?

Product support calls for a QUIKPAGER 2400 or QUIKPAGER Wireless, within 30 days from the date of purchase, will be at no charge. Call our technical support line at (905) 475-5557. Be ready to provide your customer number and the serial number of the product.