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Compact. User-friendly. Reliable.

Is your small business using commercial pagers?

With miniPAGER, you do not need a computer to send messages.

Do you work alone and need to know who just called and left a voice mail message?

miniPAGER will send you the Caller ID of calls you miss when you're not home! miniPAGER will notify you if someone answered an incoming call - even if it was your fax or answering machine - or if the caller leaves a voice mail message.

The mini keyboard can be used to send text messages to pagers. And, you can even program miniPAGER to automatically send you reminders.

miniPAGER has an emergency page button that can be programmed to send a canned message in case of an emergency. Ideal for home to be used by elderly people in case they need help.

miniPager brochureHow it works:
Simply connect miniPAGER to your analog telephone line and program the paging company dialup number. To send a message, select a name, type the text of the message and press Enter.

When you are not in the office and a call comes in, miniPAGER will automatically send a message to your alphanumeric pager with the caller ID information. If the caller leaves a message in the voice mail service provided by your telephone company, miniPAGER will send you a message notifying you.

Features and Specifications

Ideal for home, small clinics, or single-operator business.

  • Marker Capacity for (10) pager users
  • Marker Program up to (2) paging companies
  • Marker Stores up to (50) caller IDs
  • Marker Message counter
  • Marker Program scheduled messages
  • Marker Programmable text message signature

miniPAGER requires Caller ID and Voice Mail service, provided by your local telephone company.